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Using Tech Devices in All the Right Places

Let’s just say that my new neighbor is a big turn on. I was catching up on the latest Grey’s on my laptop the other night when it suddenly became clear that she was having a hell of better time than me and Meredith were. I could clearly hear her moaning, and bed springs creaking, but what really piqued my interest was when I heard another woman cry out “Oh yes! Right There!”

I’ve never had the chance to be with a woman before, at least not more than a kiss, but I have always been intrigued and felt that familiar tingle between my legs the next time I heard a gasp from next door.

As the moans intensified I could not resist and without even thinking about it my hand slid into my already wet panties. I could feel my pussy throbbing as my finger slipped inside and I began fervently humping my hand to the beat of the bed springs next door. Two fingers were now inside while a third massaged at my clit.

This was not enough. I needed something stronger.

Not wanting to get off of the couch I grabbed the closest thing to my other hand. My cell, which already had an app downloaded for continuous vibration. (Right next to it was my boyfriend’s vibrating Fleshlight sleeve, but we may or may not have just used that and he had passed out – not yet clean!) Placing it on top of my panties was pure pleasure. As soon as the vibrations hit my clit, a wave of warm water flowed out of my pussy. Craving more, I slipped it inside of my panties and let them hold it in place against my pussy as my fingers twirled and tugged at my erect nipples.

An orgasm was within reach, and I aimed to have mine at the same time my neighbor had hers. Working at a fevered pitch now, I began using the top corner of my phone to play at the opening of my pussy while the side buzzed directly on my clit. I grabbed my lube and get my hand ready to take another plunge inside. The warming lube sent chills to my groin as I rubbed it all over my lips. One finger was now inside and I grinded the phone as if it were a lover’s tongue. Within minutes my toes were curled and goosebumps lined my arms.

vibrator app

My whole body arched as the intense orgasm gripped me, and I let out a scream at the same time as my neighbor. I know she heard me, and I didn’t care as waves of pleasure washed over me, starting at my hot pussy.

It took me a few minutes to regain my composure, but when I did I realized a trip to the store to buy a new phone was in order. Hopefully I’ll run into my neighbor in the hall on my way out….

Allyson’s Adventure as a Babysitter

From the time she was considered old enough, Allyson had been the on-call babysitter for all of the families in the neighborhood. Her new favorite was the recently moved in Jackson family. This was newly married older couple, where the wife had an older son from her previous marriage – Jack- and the couple had a one year old that Jack wanted no part in watching. So whenever the Jackson’s went out, they called Allyson to sit the baby whether Jack was home or not.

Jack was devilishly cute, and made Allyson nervous to be around, so when the Jackson’s asked her to do an overnight while they went on an all night cruise. Still, she had a crush on him, so she made sure that she looked especially nice for this job.

When she first arrived at the house, Allyson was disappointed to find that Jack was not home. The parents made no mention of him, just gave quick instructions about the baby before leaving. This was kids stuff, and within two hours baby was sleeping in her crib, and Allyson was snooping around for a movie to watch. She finally settled on a porno buried deep in the husband’s nightstand, and got busy getting herself her to some delicious girl on girl sex.

Completely engrossed in her second orgasm, Allyson did not notice Jack standing in the door way watching her. It was only when her eyes fluttered open with the spasm that ripped through her core did she see him leaning against the frame, one hand unmistakenly gripping his rod. Instinctively, Allyson grabbed the lube that was inside of the nightstand draw and walked towards him, her other hand never leaving the space between her legs. With unbridled aggression she had his pants at his ankles and him on his knees, before turning around and offering him her virgin ass. Already hot, she was ready to feel a new kind of pleasure and give Jack something more than a shitty fleshlight review to write home about.

Jack took the hint and immediately lubed up before trying to enter Allyson’s super tight ass. Noting her hesitation, he instinctively took his time, fingering her as he slowly entered one inch at a time. Once he felt her open up completely it was with three quick thrusts before the super clamp brought him to an exhilarating climax. Both sated, they lay panting for a few moments before falling off to a deep sleep.

When Allyson awoke the next morning, the baby was clamoring for a bottle, and Jack was gone, but you can bet she never turned down any gigs at the Jackson house after that.